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WIC and 7 month food list

We visited the WIC office today yesterday.  I love the county health department, awesome folks!  I also like WIC for the services they provide – weight & measurements, answering basic questions that your doctor never takes the time to address, etc.  Not a huge fan of the coupons, mostly because there isn’t much we can use & I tend to buy non-WIC stuff… like almond butter* v. peanut butter (though sunflower butter* is far better & hella cheaper) and absolutely no hydrogenated anything.  I also forget to take the packet with me & just end up handing the coupons back.  I’m lucky if I remember to bring my cloth bags when I shop, heck, I’m lucky if I remember to put my wallet in the diaper bag.  I do like the produce coupon, $10 can go a long way for fresh fruits & veggies if you buy smart.
*You can basically make nutbutter from any kind of nut/seed if you just chop it & grind it enough to make the oils come out and emulsify.  You don’t have to add anything.  It’s a lot of work, which is why we don’t really do it much today, but Once Again Nutbutter is local – and NOM!  How to make it  You do need a good food processor, which I don’t have, which is why I buy the jars.

Anyway, he’s at 8% for weight & 10% for height, and on the breastfeeding charts he’s 50% height-for-weight, which is awesome.
His now former doctor had me absolutely freaking out about his weight, even though I knew he was on his curve & perfectly fine.  Hopefully NewDoc will be better.
WIC dietitian was thrilled with our food intake.  She says she wishes all her clients would eat the way we do.  She also reassured me that the baby weight will eventually come off, and no, I don’t need cholesterol medication, just go for a walk with the kid every day and eat sensibly; no I’m not going to drop dead tomorrow.  Apparently FormerDoc is horrible for ALL of her breastfeeding mommies and apparently we’ve all been frustrated/infuriated rats jumping off that sinking ship.  So, stay on course with the breastfeeding and homemade foods & maroon the doc on a rock.  My husband has a bit of a joke that goes “What does Dr. — say?  Quack! Quack!”
The kiddo is also talking, a few words here & there – so WIC lady says – because we don’t employ the mouth plug.  His binky is a toy, like all other toys, not a pacifier.  We do use the binky on long car rides, but he’s actually happier with the Links attached to his straps because he can’t lose them.  He also likes having a cup where he can reach it to drink.
The MommyWalkMe thing is good exercise.  He’s really REALLY crawling as of this morning.  Not just 2 scoots & done, but distances of 2-4′ then a sit-down, then 2′ more.  Easier on the knees with pants, so I’ll have to make sure we stuff him in them, not just a onesie or diaper cover.

WIC – totally awesome program.  Have I mentioned how awesome WIC is?   WIC is awesome.


At 7 months, here is his food list:  (we’re at 8 months now, but this is what I had typed out).

JR’s Food List
Prunes (1 tbsp ONLY)

Oat Cereal
Cream of Wheat
Soft Bread
Naan bread
French toast bits
Bread pudding

Sweet Potatoes
White potatoes
Cooked celery
Cooked onions
Summer squash
Green beans (mixed w/ other)
Beets (mix w/ applesauce)

Salmon (oat cereal & carrots)
Turkey (mix with veggie)
Beef broth
Chicken (mix with veggie)
Egg yolk (whole eggs are fine, mix w/ banana)


apple juice w/water

butter is OK




Avocado (2 yrs- allergic)
Berries (1 yr – safety)
Grape juice (Puke)

Rice (9 months – tummy upset)

Peanuts (2 yrs – safety)

Yogurt (allergic – 1 yr)

Honey (2 yrs – safety)




Carring This Kid Around

“Ergo is a winner. Made it up to the OTHER corner & back. JR fell asleep before we got to the first corner & he was really snoozing. No sleeping in the other carriers. A little uncomfortable under the arms on me, but my back was loving it, so I’ll take it.
Lovely walk. Coltsfoot is blooming; too windy for animals, only saw one crow.”


We’ve been looking for good carriers and slings, and since one can’t really try before buying unless one borrows from one’s babywearing friends, “trying” can get expensive.  Like most new mommies my back is killing me.  I spend 1/2 my day bent over this kid & the other 1/2 holding him.  Going for a walk has become a daily priority as I hate being this fat and my cholesterol levels leave a bit to be desired AND it gets us out of the house which is critical.  So here’s yet another online review of baby carriers & slings, or at least the ones I’ve tried.  No, I haven’t been paid or offered anything at all, yadda, yadda; so this is raw, unbribed honesty.

The Snuggli is a small slice of hell. The newer versions aren’t much better.  No back support, hard to get the kid in & out, all his weight is on his pubic bones & he hates it.  Also not secure.  I will note that the Snuggli that was given to me is 20+ yrs old, easily adjustable & washable.  That doesn’t speak to durability, she used it once and stuffed it in a box.

Maya Wrap
We both like the fixed sling that I patterned off of the Maya wrap, and the Maya wraps are ok, but the rings dig into my neck – smaller rings are better. They were a favorite for the first 4 months.  The pseudo-maya is great for visiting, stores, events, up and down stuff. It’s more a holding aid than a hands free device. Not good for long walks. I can nurse in the maya, and while it’s possible to nurse in the pseudo-maya it’s not easy. Both are easy to just wear.  Washing is super easy.  Depending on the fabric you could carry your husband in one of them.  I’d call them fashionable for anyone.

Maya-style wrap

pseudo-maya sling, white linen stripe. 6 months old. (sorry, only picture I have of it, but VIKING BABY!)

Pseudo Maya Wrap at Letchworth State Park

Better pic of the pseudo Maya Wrap. This is our favorite sling to just get around in.

Moby wrap (brown cotton)
The Moby is good for short term, but doesn’t work for long walks. It’s a pain to put on but comfortable to wear. I can nurse in it, but it’s hard to fix my clothes after unless I’m just wearing the nursing camisole and hello, NY – it’s cold here. It is warm, which is a bonus, and I can cover his feet, but when he wiggles around the fabric slips and bunches so he’s in that uncomfortable upright carry with all his weight on his pubic bones. Also… not fashionable on a fatty like me. “squished layer cake” about covers it. Add in the disarranged shirt and I’m a candidate for “What Not to Wear.” It IS good for him to face front for a little while. He enjoys the heck out of it for about 20 minutes.  Despite the lower back wrap it doesn’t offer much real support there and I can’t walk very far in it.  Washable but takes a while to dry.

moby wrap, brown

Moby wrap at 4 months

moby wrap

Moby wrap, 2 month old

Ergobaby original
The Ergobaby is great with the one exception of it cutting into my underarms. It is not as stylish as my maya slings, but it’s a workhorse not a fashion accessory; and they do have prettier fabrics available, I just chose the brown because I figured when it got grungy (hiking!) it wouldn’t look as bad as the spiffy ones might. I won’t be able to nurse in it, but I won’t have to totally take it off to nurse either. He actually took a nap in it.  Let me repeat that:
I was able to walk 1/3 farther than I have before without being in pain when I got back. I probably could have gone farther, but I got thirsty. No wiggling for “down mommy down!” It has a baby-head-cover thing so they can tune out & go to sleep, or block the wind, or sun, or whatever. Awesome. And a pocket. It’s also rated up to 45 lbs.  Front side or back carry options; I’ve only worn it front.  Not highly washable, about the same as a backpack.

So far the pseudo maya and the ergobaby are the favorites.

Cloth Diapers

Let me just take a moment to say AAAAAHHHHHRRRGGGHHH!  And Yay!

Which sums up cloth diapering.  It’s awesome and confusing, and frustrating, and great and he’ll be potty trained before I get the hang of it.
If you want to learn about what diaper systems are available (ha), go to Mother Ease website.  They have the clearest summary I’ve seen so far (not a product endorsement, though I do like the product).

The saga thus far:

Pocket Diapers, NB
We started out using the Babyville diapers that we made with many changes & adjustments.  These are a pocket diaper or 2 piece diapering system with a PUL cover & stay-dry liner sewn together and an insert that is removable for washing.  The supposed leg gusset is great in concept, but is rendered useless by the absorbent layers being outside of it.  One touch of cotton onesie or bed sheet & it’s Soggy City.  Also, I-Hate-FOE.  Fold-over elastic wicks “water” like nobody’s business, making the diapers leak like a garden sprinkler.  The “right sides together & turn” version is the one to go with here.  Hands down, it’s the better design.  Make it front or back loading (for the insert) and you’ve got a decent diaper.  It’s also much more affordable, about $4 cheaper for materials than the FOE style.  Aplix (velcro) for NB up to 4-6 months is perfectly fine.  After that go with the snaps because the little darlings learn to take that off & they WILL finger paint (avoid the patterned snaps – they break, go for the smooth ones).
OK, so that was great.  We used them for a week or so & he grewIMG_4039 out of them.

Babyville Pocket Diaper

Original Babyville diaper with the liner & kinda leg guards that totally don’t work.

Altered Babyville pocket diaper

After saying to myself “self, that won’t work” I got to altering. Back loading, no more leg guard & in the final version I nixed the FOE and added velcro covers.

And we had a gap.  The Mother Ease that we had purchased (used) didn’t fit my skinny baby at that point, and I was still clueless about how the prefolds worked.  In fact, the prefolds my husband’s grandmother made for us (beautiful, using now) I honestly thought were burp cloths.  We used disposables, Target’s Up & Up and Premium Diapers, Dollar General brand – awesome diapers BTW, few leaks, very few blow-outs, no diaper rash, no latex, no dyes, no perfumes, biodegradable though not advertised as such, super-affordable – same diapers different packaging.


Which brings me to… Mother Ease!
It’s a 2 pt. diaper & cover system, so you need the absorbent diaper and a fitted cover.  I do not yet have the covers.  So I can‘t really give you a good review.  But they FIT him now!  He’s 6 months old & 15 lbs.  They fit him OK at 14 lbs, but being totally clueless I didn’t realize we needed a cover & needless to say there was major leakage.  People who use them love them.  They are bulky, which is the only downside I can see, but less bulky than the prefolds with an insert.  (hiatus from these)
Update: We have the covers!  We got the Airflow covers, which are uber-cute and very, very bulky.  Forget slender pants with these babies.  However they are awesome and it’s a great opportunity to have your kid wear all those shirts he otherwise would not ever get to wear.  Most onesies fit over them, but not all.  It’s a good heads up on which ones will be outgrown soon.  I love the 3 snap adjustable leg & waist, which do not have to match up to work, which is good because my kid has killer thighs & a teeny tiny waist (gee, wonder where he got THAT from?).  No complaints, just be aware they are work-horse diapers, and not subtle about it.

Tiny Tush!
So, after using disposables for several months,  I bought some Tiny Tush Perfect Fit diaper covers because I got tired of trying to make something that fit this child (whole other saga – you try finding time to sew with this kid.  I mean, I’m a seamstress for goodness sake!  You’d think I could manage a simple diaper cover.  Apparently not with MommyBrain, it’s like sewing while drunk.  And with a kid crying?  Neurons scrambled like eggs I tell ya).
Anyway, Tiny Tush!  Made in USA! Fabulous.  I bought 4 covers to use with my prefolds & flats.
I’m still not keen on the flats, but like the prefolds.  I’m a bit clumsy with the snappi closure, but have the pins down pat.
So, again, a 2 pt. diapering system, the prefold & the cover, and a closure – snappi or pins.
Put the prefold on, with the snappi (which should be much tighter), then snap the cover closed, tuck any diaper bits in & wa’la! Diapered kid!
The leg gussets are awesome (they work), and it fits over any flat or prefold.  They do not fit over the Mother Ease, unfortunately, so I will be ordering from that company soonish.  He can sit like a champ in them, but the prefolds are bulky between the legs.  He doesn’t complain at all.  I change him when he’s wet, usually every 2 hours, but I check more than that.  Poo was not a problem, even the sticky ones dumped out in the toilet and a little swish-n-spray took care of any ickiness. Usually he’s a solid poo kind of guy, so no big deal.  Wash prefolds on hot, dry hot, no problems.  When it’s above freezing (ha) I’ll hang them out in the sun.  (Sun?  I’ve forgotten what that is).
I think I have about 15 prefolds & flats, which is enough to get me through a day & a half (this child doesn’t wet at night, how lucky can I get?).  As any number of people change his diaper, it’s anyone’s guess if he’s in cloth or disposables, but I’m a fan of the Tiny Tush diaper covers either way.  They’ll keep any kind of diaper on without aid of a onesie, which is awesome in my book, and he gets to be “nearly naked baby” which thrills him to pieces.

Update: More of the same really, but we are about 40/60 between cloth & disposables.  I’m really the only one who is interested in the cloth diapering, so it is what it is.  He’s cool with it either way & still loves his diaper covers.

So, there it is.  The diaper saga so far.
Really, if I’d heard about it before all this began, I’d have tried EC (Elimination Communication or Baby-led Potty Training).  I find that fascinating, but my 6 month old is a bit confused by the idea.


Prefold diaper with Snappi closure


Tiny Tush Perfect Fit diaper cover closed