Carring This Kid Around

“Ergo is a winner. Made it up to the OTHER corner & back. JR fell asleep before we got to the first corner & he was really snoozing. No sleeping in the other carriers. A little uncomfortable under the arms on me, but my back was loving it, so I’ll take it.
Lovely walk. Coltsfoot is blooming; too windy for animals, only saw one crow.”


We’ve been looking for good carriers and slings, and since one can’t really try before buying unless one borrows from one’s babywearing friends, “trying” can get expensive.  Like most new mommies my back is killing me.  I spend 1/2 my day bent over this kid & the other 1/2 holding him.  Going for a walk has become a daily priority as I hate being this fat and my cholesterol levels leave a bit to be desired AND it gets us out of the house which is critical.  So here’s yet another online review of baby carriers & slings, or at least the ones I’ve tried.  No, I haven’t been paid or offered anything at all, yadda, yadda; so this is raw, unbribed honesty.

The Snuggli is a small slice of hell. The newer versions aren’t much better.  No back support, hard to get the kid in & out, all his weight is on his pubic bones & he hates it.  Also not secure.  I will note that the Snuggli that was given to me is 20+ yrs old, easily adjustable & washable.  That doesn’t speak to durability, she used it once and stuffed it in a box.

Maya Wrap
We both like the fixed sling that I patterned off of the Maya wrap, and the Maya wraps are ok, but the rings dig into my neck – smaller rings are better. They were a favorite for the first 4 months.  The pseudo-maya is great for visiting, stores, events, up and down stuff. It’s more a holding aid than a hands free device. Not good for long walks. I can nurse in the maya, and while it’s possible to nurse in the pseudo-maya it’s not easy. Both are easy to just wear.  Washing is super easy.  Depending on the fabric you could carry your husband in one of them.  I’d call them fashionable for anyone.

Maya-style wrap

pseudo-maya sling, white linen stripe. 6 months old. (sorry, only picture I have of it, but VIKING BABY!)

Pseudo Maya Wrap at Letchworth State Park

Better pic of the pseudo Maya Wrap. This is our favorite sling to just get around in.

Moby wrap (brown cotton)
The Moby is good for short term, but doesn’t work for long walks. It’s a pain to put on but comfortable to wear. I can nurse in it, but it’s hard to fix my clothes after unless I’m just wearing the nursing camisole and hello, NY – it’s cold here. It is warm, which is a bonus, and I can cover his feet, but when he wiggles around the fabric slips and bunches so he’s in that uncomfortable upright carry with all his weight on his pubic bones. Also… not fashionable on a fatty like me. “squished layer cake” about covers it. Add in the disarranged shirt and I’m a candidate for “What Not to Wear.” It IS good for him to face front for a little while. He enjoys the heck out of it for about 20 minutes.  Despite the lower back wrap it doesn’t offer much real support there and I can’t walk very far in it.  Washable but takes a while to dry.

moby wrap, brown

Moby wrap at 4 months

moby wrap

Moby wrap, 2 month old

Ergobaby original
The Ergobaby is great with the one exception of it cutting into my underarms. It is not as stylish as my maya slings, but it’s a workhorse not a fashion accessory; and they do have prettier fabrics available, I just chose the brown because I figured when it got grungy (hiking!) it wouldn’t look as bad as the spiffy ones might. I won’t be able to nurse in it, but I won’t have to totally take it off to nurse either. He actually took a nap in it.  Let me repeat that:
I was able to walk 1/3 farther than I have before without being in pain when I got back. I probably could have gone farther, but I got thirsty. No wiggling for “down mommy down!” It has a baby-head-cover thing so they can tune out & go to sleep, or block the wind, or sun, or whatever. Awesome. And a pocket. It’s also rated up to 45 lbs.  Front side or back carry options; I’ve only worn it front.  Not highly washable, about the same as a backpack.

So far the pseudo maya and the ergobaby are the favorites.