Oh boy!  It’s a boy!

After trying for years and more false starts than I care to think about, and some Really Scary Stuff, we have our longed-for son.
Let the nursing, diapering, doctoring, crawling, walking, running, ohgodwhatdidwedo begin!

Parenting with a bit of crunch and a whole lot of soggy.

Please note, this is not an advice blog, “you” is always just me talking to myself because hello, internet.  I’m in no way pointing my non-organic banana at you.  The idea is to give me a place to stash all the “kid stuff” that tumbles around in my head NOT on my costuming blog – because I need somewhere that doesn’t have children’s toys scattered all over the flippin’ place.  The irony of that does not escape me one bit.  “I want to keep children’s games off of a blog dedicated to playing dress-up.”  Yeah.  That’s me.  Hi.

Anywho… we’re a family a few steps off the path of totally normal, but not exactly headed in a perpendicular direction.  We happily live in the same house with my parents (it’s a BIG house), we garden, hunt, fish, hike, camp, reenact, play online and once upon a time my husband & I were serious D&D geeks.  We’ve been married 7 yrs & together 14 (O-M-G), and after many trials & tribulations here we be.  With a kid.


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