Month: January 2016

HaHa! I got my blog back!

So I lost the password sheet for WordPress and everything else.  Sleep deprivation and general business put this on the back burner for months.  Today my bonny boy brought up this site somehow and I seized the opportunity to change the password and get the blog back.

He’s 2+, he’s talking, we are in the very exciting days of potty training, and skipping an event to do it.  He just picked yesterday to start and has done very well today.  Both poop and pee in the potty with only a few messes.  Naked Boy is happy.

We now have THREE toddler potties in the house.  Four if you count the insert seat.  One is pink & purple with flowers and lives upstairs in our bedroom (yes, still co-sleeping, uurgh).  One is a white Bjorn and one is a Micky Mouse toilet that cheers when you flush it, though he lost the flusher on the 2nd day.  He was refusing to use the Bjorn for a while, then declared the MM to be too small.  But just having it in the room he is in is enough to remind him to either run for the Bjorn or actually use the MM.  He has used the flower potty upstairs for months, but won’t let us bring it downstairs during the day “No no Mamma, it goes UPstairs!”

I really hope this is the real deal, and that he is true to form in his “all things early” development.  I wouldn’t mind changing diapers for a while longer, but if he’s interested in the potty I will 100% support him.    The diaper brand we use, which is Dollar General doesn’t have latex or hemp (allergic to both), and that’s it for disposables, and he is fast outgrowing the largest size. It would be 100% cloth after he’s out of that, which I’m OK with, but I’m not the only one changing diapers.