A Very Seussian 1st Birthday

My son’s 1st Birthday Party went off like a bang, or possibly a Moo!  I’m not sure, but much fun was had by all, including the 1 yr. old. Here is the cake with the recipe, so as not to cross-post too much: http://artbeautyandwell-orderedchaos.blogspot.com/2014/10/mr-brown-can-moo-cake-and-1st-birthday.html  It’s a milk-free, palm/coconut-free cake.  That was a feat, lemme tell you. For those of you who don’t want to hop on that link, here are a few snapshots of the final cake. IMG_2266a IMG_2254a IMG_2264a I made silly hats, we had fun food, played a couple silly games and otherwise enjoyed each other’s company. There were 2 other children here, which was a good number.  I read somewhere that the child’s age +1 is how many friends they should have at their party until they hit school age, and that worked out very well.  That they were his cousins is fine. Here are the totally costumie hats.  (I don’t do “costumes” but in this case, quick & dirty was the name of the game.  I even used hot glue).

Birthday Hat (8)

The Grinch hat. It’s a beaten up old Santa hat. I didn’t make it, but it didn’t make it to the party either – my kid stole it & hid it the day before.

Birthday Hat

No idea. It was stuck in my memory, but I have no clue where it came from. I just know it’s a Seuss & I’m looking.

Birthday Hat (1)

Generic black top hat of Seussian design with a “The Places You’ll Go” road hot glued down it.

Birthday Hat (2)

The Quick Queen of Quincy crown from “ABC” I shamelessly recycled my old Queen of Hearts cardboard crown for this, but never redid the paint job (black lines v. hearts). Time… had no time… No one wore this, which made me a bit sad.

Birthday Hat (3)

“Do you like my hat?” from Go Dog Go. My mother-in-law rocked this thing.

Birthday Hat (4)

One of the “500 Hats of Barthemolew Cubbins” without a feather… Time… no time…

Birthday Hat (5)

Aunt Annie’s Alligator A… a… A… from “ABC” Again, no feather.

Birthday Hat (6)

Another of the 500 hats sans feather.

Birthday Hat (7)

Here’s another IDK. It didn’t turn out as I had planned, but I have a vague notion that it was on a lady in a polkadot dress. My mother looked stunning in it, and she doesn’t do hats.

They are all made from the felt that my husband’s grandmother had when she passed away, and I figured that I’d use her fabric for family projects.  A bit sentimental and I never claimed to be otherwise.


Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? With a farm book & the kids.

The games included reading sound books around the room, called “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?”  Everyone did really well until Grammy P. got the kids a little too involved in the farm book & attention spans wandered.  Much to-do was made about sheep (Scotland was voting that day).  JR loved that game.  LOTS of people reading to him.

The next game was “The Cat In The Hat Can Stack” wherein we all tried stacking various (non-breakable) items out in the yard until they fell.  The game was a hit with the kids & 3 or 4 adults, but the rest just enjoyed taking pictures and socializing.


Everyone looks so intent on their stacking games they forgot to have fun, but trust me, there was a lot of laughing.

Food that actually made it to the party was Build-your own Sandwiches (ham, turkey, roast beef, with various cheeses and 2 types of buns, tomatoes & various condiments). Green deviled eggs, using parsley v. food coloring. Soda Pop & juice & water Various candies dried fruit in the form of raisins, crazins and apricots The Mr. Brown cake The favors were baggies of candy with mustaches and whistles and stickers.  We had blowers and noisemakers too, though they were only a hit with the half-pints. Since we now have a lot of new Seuss books, I’m going to compile the actual hats & food & games in different posts because (not that we’ll do this again), I had a heck of a time finding anything like it online and the actual Dr. Seuss site was less than helpful for my son’s age set.  Not surprising as he’s way too young to enjoy the bulk of the books. It was a good party & he had a blast.


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