Month: August 2014

A Preoccupation with Poop

I’ve come to the unavoidable conclusion that parents of infants have a serious preoccupation with poop.  Good poop, bad poop, is there poop, no poop yet, Yup! There’s a Poop!  Ooh, wow, what a poop.  Hold still so I can get rid of your poop!

And then there’s the BAD poop.
We just had a bout of Bad Poop.  Oh lordie.
It’s been 3 weeks of BRATY diet, except my kid gets a tummy ache on rice (BATY) and the runs on dairy (now the BAT diet)… so I had to get really creative.  And sometimes I’d slip up and give him a P-food and BAM!  Right back to liquid squirts or the kind of poo that sticks to everything including the diaper (not fun when cloth diapering). 

So, anyway, I think it’s been 48 hours of Solid (har har) poo now.  This is a happy day!  I even dared to feed him some “P”ears and there hasn’t been an explosion yet.  We’ll see.

So yeah.  Poop.  At some point I’ll be able to stop thinking about my son’s bowl movements, though I can’t actually fathom when that will be.  Surely before he’s 20, right?  RIGHT?